How to Auto Post to Google Plus from WordPress Blog

How to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress Blog. Google Plus is a social networking platform created by the popular search engine Google. It got many awesome features and helps bloggers, webmasters to drive traffic to their blog. Here is the detailed info on Google+ and how to auto link your WordPress Blog with it.

Reasons to link Google+ Plus with your WordPress Blog

  • Google drives traffic to your blog, so using Google+ gives better exposure.
  • Its stand alone features like hangouts etc helps to interact with others.
  • All Google +1′s are considered while ranking your blog post in search results.
  • Apart from these, its a best alternative for those who hate to use Facebook.

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Is it possible to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress Blog ?

At present Google+ API (released in September 2011) provides read-only access to public data, hence posts only go one way. Google+ can be connected to Facebook and Twitter to automatically cross-post your content, but there is no perfect solution to Auto Post from a WordPress Blog.

How to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress Blog

At present, the only possible solution to auto post from WordPress blog to Google+ is by using this plugin.

WPGPlus WordPress Plugin

WPGplus is a free WordPress plugin that heps to cross-post your articles from WordPress blog to your Google+ Plus profile.

Features of WPGPlus Plugin

  • Posts will be automatically published to your Google + Profile.
  • Recognizes links, images etc things.
  • Based on PHP script for publishing to Google+ from php.
  • It also includes post excerpt (used in meta box)

How to use WPGPlus Plugin