Does your Gmail password show up in this leaked list?

Almost 5 million Gmail accounts and passwords have been posted as text file on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Account details for users of and Yandex have also leaked to various websites. Google have released a statement which claims that these passwords were not obtained via a hack, but the data was instead collected from phishing websites over several years. This leak mainly affects English, Spanish and Russian language users.

If you’re worried that your account could be part of this leak, we have some suggested actions for you to take:

1.Check your email address in the database:

The CM Security Research Lab has created a quick tool to determine whether or not your password is in the leaked list:

Is your account safe?

For testing purposes only, the site does not record any of your information

2.Change your Gmail password to be strong

Thinking about changing your password to make it stronger? Check this link to resetting your passwords and enhancing your security. It contains tips from security experts that will show you how to create a secure password.

You should then change your passwords at the official websites:


3.An extra layer of security

Activate two-step verification on your email account. This will mean that even if someone gets a hold of your password, they still won’t be able to access the account. You can find more info here.

CM Security Research Lab Tips

1.Virus can also endanger your credential such as Gmail password, you are encouraged to install a mobile security app and always keep it up-to-date. You can try AV-TEST #1 mobile security Clean Master and CM Security for free.

2.Choose a web browser such as CM Browser which has an anti-phishing function that protects your details from being stolen.