11 Free Web Apps for Designers & Creatives

The consistently extraordinary Chris Converse has developed a brand new course for HOW Design University: Creating a Web App for iPad. In this course, you’ll learn to create a native-like web apps experience with standard web technologies.

In the course, you’ll create a stunning web experience for the iPad through step-by-step lessons. You’ll even be able to deliver your Web App from your website—no app store required. The lessons in this course are perfect for sales demonstrations, customized web experiences, news and magazine publications, and well, anything else you can imagine.

In this course, you’ll learn how create a navigation system that loads content dynamically into our layout, keeping new content within the Web App. You’ll also develop a product gallery, add in a Google Map, support portrait and landscape layouts, and make use of a free JavaScript plug-in that creates a native-like scrolling experience for HTML. The course provides code snippets for a majority of the project, allowing you to focus on the core principles and implementation.

To celebrate the course, I rounded up a few awesome free web apps that are perfect for designers and creatives alike.

11 Free Web Apps for Designers & Creatives

Sketchpad 3


SketchpadWith Sketchpad 3, you can edit and experiment with images and vectors. Paint new elements into a composition, edit graphics, add notes or overlay text. Featuring a wide variety of tools, this app enables you to drag and drop images into the browser and manipulate them as needed.



picture-1A great prototyping and feedback tool, ViewFlux is a great way to get feedback from clients and users alike. Communicate and collaborate with clients to create visually stunning prototypes and manage creative projects. You can share your work with clients and team members, organize your work, build prototypes, gather and share feedback, save your revisions and even deliver final project files.

YouiDraw Logo Creator


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.38.01 PMYouiDraw is a great resource for creating high quality vector logos, graphics, headings, web elements, buttons, icons and more. The app offers templates for beginners, as well as more sophisticated tools for logo design veterans. Create cool logo designs using a wide variety of text, shape and color effects, then store on the cloud and export and download your creations in a variety of formats.

esQys46aPencil Case (Beta)


With Pencil Case, you can browse, find, rate and share the best tools for designers, developers and creative. Built upon an ever-increasing collection of applications and tools, the app tracks and displays the popularity of design resources. Create a personal collection of tools that suits your design skills best.

Fluid UI


FluidUI-Logo-transparent-te1Fluid UI is another fast, user-friendly and intuitive prototyping tool that can help save you money on the wireframing and prototyping phases of your UX and UI web designs. You start with a blank canvas, where you can create everything from simple wireframes to high fidelity mobile prototypes using an intuitive yet sophisticated series of widgets and drag-and-drop elements.

Invoicera (free trial)Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.50.04 PM


Note: I wanted to include Invoicera because it’s incredibly handy, but only the trial is technically free. Full use of Invoicera is based on a monthly payment plan ranging from $19.95 to $99.95.

Invoicera is an online invoicing and time tracking app that is perfect for working with clients and tracking time and expenses. Features include a late fee payment system, recurring invoices, time tracking multiple payment options and expense tracking.



datamaticDramatic.io allows you to create complex, interactive infographics and data visualization projects in an easy-to-use interface. It includes 9 templates and a sophisticated data editor, and it allows you to export and store your work on Google Drive.

Brief Designer


screensBrief Designer is a browser-based collaboration tool that helps minimize the gap between designers and their clients. Give your design a context by describing project goals & vision, defining your target audience, finding inspiration and more. This web app is for any creative professional in design, branding, advertising or project management.



(No, not the board game.) Clue offers a simple, fun way to make sure that visitors to your website see the correct calls to action and understand your message right away. It creates speedy memory tests based on screenshots of webpages. Then you can view the results and make sure the right things capture your users’ eyes.


Web Apps: Games

Just for fun, I tacked on a couple of great free games—web apps that Chris Converse recommended as examples of what you can create in Creating a Web App for iPad.



Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.46.41 PMOLO is “ a brain-tickling board game of tic-tactical-toe.” Chris recommends OLO as a great game app that’s optimized specially for iPads and touch devices. In his course, he’ll show you how to create a web-based experience like this one.

Touch Solitaire


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.48.05 PMA basic solitaire game, Chris recommends Touch Solitaire as an awesome app that’s optimized for iPads and touchscreen devices. In his course, he’ll show you how to create a web-based experience like this one.