Web Developer, You Are Now A Design Brand

Web Developer, You Are Now A Design Brand
Design article argued that DeSandro should get credit for the image-grid structure that defines Pinterest's look. And the earliest versions of Vox.com used Masonry, as did The Verge. Masonry was so ubiquitous that you could just look at a website and …
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Airbnb Hires Former Say Media SVP Alex Schleifer As Head Of Design
Schleifer is joining the company at a time when the company has already gone through a significant brand and design overhaul. Last summer, Airbnb introduced a new logo and redesign meant to make its website more appealing to customers and easier to …
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3 Website Brand Identity Considerations You Might Have Overlooked
One mistake that companies make when they design their website is to design their website in a vacuum. Sure, your IT department might be highly skilled at web development, but do they know the style/shape that your brand is supposed to take in the future?
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