Magento Review: Best Enterprise E-Commerce Software

Magento Review: Best Enterprise E-Commerce Software
The best e-commerce software lets you customize everything from your website's design to your storefront's interface and background processes. This allows you to create an online store that looks and works exactly the way you want it to, while making …
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'It's like running a marathon barefoot': the story of a startup in Nepal
One guy who doesn't code, who doesn't design, who is financially broke, who is as good as his team with only an idea was left alone to build a team, a product and a company. This was my biggest challenge. … At that time, he was busy laying the …

How To Improve The Ecommerce Experience In 2015
Invest in responsive web design. With so many devices and so many different screen sizes you need a design that will look great across all platforms. While your design my look wonderful on a large computer screen, that same design might be clunky and …
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