write anywhere with bluetooth connected pen phree

write anywhere with bluetooth connected pen phree
… low-cost optical sensor that fits at the tip of a pen-like device. the combination of breakthrough technology and ergonomic, the company designed a user-friendly pen named 'phree'. the patented OTM sensor is a compact 3D laser interferometer. it …
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New York theater on a budget
Prices have escalated in the last few years and tickets can cost more than $ 300 each. If that turns your dream … Just remember that most half-price tickets are for the more expensive seats, so even half-price might be a little more than a low-end …
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Opinion: Let's Not Shut West Hollywood's Door
And we would remind him that more housing will mean a drop in housing costs, opening up West Hollywood to a new generation, to West Hollywood 2.0. D'Amico also is pushing for the city to … The “poor door” approach that segregates low-income people …
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