Creating Web Iconsfast And Easy

Creating Web Iconsfast And Easy
When you need to create web icons, most of the time, you arent going to automatically create something thats great and will work forever and everyoure going to go through a bit of trial and error. So the question that you might be asking iswhat exactly can you do in order to get your web icons perfect?

First of all, you need to do a bit of research. You cant automatically create great icons. Most of the time, it takes a bit more work than this. So the question iswhat exactly can you do in order to create a great icon? Well, first of all, look over other web icons that are online. Look at really popular sites and check out their icons.

One of the first things that you are going to notice is that they have really, really simple icons. These icons may not look like much at first, but you have to understand thats the idea. Think of it this way:

Web icons and computer icons are preferential to filenames because you can remember them a lot easier. Have you ever played a game on the computer, sat back, and then forgotten what the name was. If it has a typical, generic icon, then theres a chance that you wont remember it. However, if you have an icon that represents just that particular program or site, theres a chance that your users will be able to remember at least that, as opposed to not remembering anything at all. You want to have a simpler, easier to recognize icon.

The reason is the same as aboveits easier to remember. But you have to keep in mind that you also dont want to have web icons that arent really a lot of funbut you also want to be able to take your icon and have a user try to find your website later on and think Hey, I remember that icon! Im on the right site!

The best way to create an icon is to look into an icon editor. On one hand, you could just use paintexcept youre unlikely to get exactly what you want out of it. Not to mention that people are putting a lot less emphasis on two d web icons. While theyre more acceptable than two d computer icons, try to do what you can in order to create a three d icon. Itll make your site look better and itll make it easier to remember.

Keep in mind that simplicity is best, as stated above. Try to examine other icons to get a good idea of whats popular and what colors go well together.

Make sure that when you buy your icon editor or download a free one that you take your time to check a see if they have any free images packages. While it may not seem like such a big deal, you have to understand that these images packages will help you get on your way to designing your web icons.

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