What Freelancers Ought to Know About Project Management

What Freelancers Ought to Know About Project Management


A green yet smart SaaS-tool TeamLab gracefully mixes project management features with the ability to collect knowledge and data specific for various freelance groups. The free webbased TeamLab application can be a real help for those who have to manage their internal and external projects worldwide.

Think Strategically

The first compound part of this mix is common for most of the project management software – time tracking, milestones, reports generating, contact lists, documents processing and sharing, etc. – the list is long. 

All the time and efforts that freelancers spend on projects coordination can be reduced as TeamLab automates the processes. Less time on routine, more attention to work. 

Think Universally

The second part of the TeamLab mix (and for some teams, the most vital one) is a kind of a control center to collect files, media and notes, comment on them, discuss project issues, share references and useful resources relating to freelancers’ projects.

TeamLab involves several modes to make the data available to all teammates. The integrated Wiki makes it possible to draw a do-it-yourself article. Blogs and forums are an intelligent way to discuss the topic without overwhelming the inboxes. All the links to useful resources or interesting posts on the Internet are stored in a special section.

As a result, freelancers get a powerful tool to manage the information flaws within their TeamLab portal and it is some kind of a copyright as all the information stays inside the project.

Think Pragmatically

One more pro to decide for TeamLab is that the application is free which means all teammates can afford it. TeamLab is an open source solution which implies software customization specific for the needs of the team. This is a webbased application and that fact ensures a round-the-clock access from various parts of the world.

What’s in the End?

The Internet statistics shows that most of freelance workers need some kind of a combination of a project management tool and a knowledge center gathered in one place. It should serve as a store point for their data, be some kind of a pusher for them to timely deliver their results.

For the most part, TeamLab conforms requirements of a freelance team that can be very diverse – both teams and requirements.


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