Need a graphic? Canva will help you design one

Need a graphic? Canva will help you design one
But design takes skill and experience, and guess what, your organization may not have anyone with much of either. What if you had one tool for all of these projects, and what if anyone could use it? That's the idea behind Canva. Canva is web-based …

Blocs 1.3 review: Web design program executes well on limited ambitions
For web design neophytes—or behind-the-times dinosaurs like me—Blocs offers a great shortcut to construct appealing, up-to-date websites. It deliberately limits its features for simplicity's sake, but accomplishes its chosen goals with elegance and …
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Making and Unmaking the Digital World
The center of the virtual world, economically and culturally, may still be the United States, but the work of creating that world leaves a real and growing footprint overseas. American technology giants have established data centers in about two dozen …
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