From graduation to a rewarding career

From graduation to a rewarding career
Be brazenly honest in understanding your future job prospects. Do you know how many individuals are fully employed and have upward mobility prospects in: 1. Marine biology, social services, communications (newspapers, TV, social media, web design), …
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More power to our creative cities
There is some overlap between the two categories (programmers and web designers, for example) amounting to about 460,000 jobs in total. So Manchester's conviction that, after London, it is Europe's second-most creative city (yes, ahead of Paris …
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The beginnings of advertising created by artificial intelligence
And in web design, multivariate testing – trying out various layouts to see what works best by looking at usage data – is common practice. … The fear may be that this kind of thing will take away human jobs. … in which Groupon intelligently designs …
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