Web Designing and HTML

Web Designing and HTML

HTML and XHTML are two main important languages for Web Designing. If we know both of these languages then web designing is easy for us. Before discussion on web design fir we will discuss on HTML and XTML. Now let us see that what is HTML.

HTML: – HTML is abbreviated for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is code behind our web page and it is responsible for how our page look. It is not more too difficult language. It is very easy to learn HTML. HTML is the famous language that writes the web. Learning about HTML tags is the first step towards learning HTML.

HTML Tags: – HTML tag starts with and closes with . For example if we want to represent any words in italic then we have to write the code in this format :- Word . If we use this tag the word will look in Italics. There are many different tags in HTML which perform many different function like bold, underline, word wrap, color, anchor, big, centre, embedded, heading, menu, meta, paragraph, small, strong, table, font size, font color, bold, link, etc. These call different function and modify the web page.

The basic HTML code format is as follows.-



Please enter your title here


Please enter the body text here whatever you want to display on the web page. The content of the body will look on your web page,



HTML tags are also called HTML element. Since HTML is not more tough hence we cal also learn with the help of internet and by online classes.

XHTML: – XHTML is abbreviated for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language and it is a member of XML language XHTML is more similar to HTML 4.01. It mainly differs from HTML is that its element must be in lowercase. Its element must be properly nested and at end its elements must be closed. XHTML documents must have one root element. XHTML combines the flexibility of HTML and XML. It has stricter rule than that of HTML.

XHTML is an official standard of the (W3C). XHTML offers both strengths of HTML and XML and XHTML pages can be rendered by all XML enabled devices. XHTML is a quality standard for any WebPages, if we follow that then our web page will be counted quality web pages and W3C certifies those pages with their quality stamp. Hence we see here that XHTML and HTML are the two main standard language towards web designing and without its knowledge we can not create a flexible and w3c recommended sites. Hence for web designing these two languages are very important.

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