Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

It is a common misconception that people who are not familiar with web design and development thinks that the two are completely separate areas of the website industry. It might be thought that one hand you need to design the way your website looks with background images and headers and then after wards you start to develop around the design. The truth is that in most cases the two concepts should be put together if you wish to create the most appealing website, something which every web master should want.

Web design and web development are often classed as different things because of their different names and the two processes may require different skills; however once you start to see how the two inter twine with each other everything starts to become slightly clearer.

Web Design

Web Design in essence is the actual design of the website, but of course how can you design the website if you had no real idea of the websites functionality (Something which is a key part of web development). In fact without having your web development planned the actual graphics behind the website can be hard to create.

Web Development

Web Development is basically how you would like your website to function. Do you want the navigation bar to have a long list of links or would you like it to have drop down menus for different categories. Is there going to be a search bar? All of these things must be thought of because eventually they are going to be included somewhere in your web page design.

How should you go about your web design and development?

It is highly recommended that when it comes down to designing and developing website that you try to think about both of the tasks together. This is a similar approach to what a professional website design firm will take as will often produce the best website. A web master likes to see that their website is functioning exactly as planned and that it continues to look attractive to draw in visitors.

Functionality is something that needs to be thought of and if you want extra plug ins or functions as part of your web development think of it and incorporate it into the design before a live website is made. This will allow you to run it through the testing phases before a potential customer or visitor actually sees it.

When it comes to web design there are certain things you should always take into account. Whilst it is important that your website looks attractive you need to make sure it stays user friendly. The chances are a user will not like a website if there are hundreds of bright flashing images all over their screen so take this into account when adding flash content. Your website should be designed to impress so put yourself in the visitors shoes and imagine what you would like to see. Of course whilst attracting visitors is a key factor you should always try to maintain your corporate profile and image in your web design.

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