5 Things to Ask Real WordPress Developers

5 Things to Ask Real WordPress Developers
Because it's so popular and touted as easy for anyone to understand, we often see people coming to us who have either had a go themselves or taken on a freelancer who doesn't have the experience that was required to build a fully-fledged WordPress site …
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The Crazy World of Start-Ups – From Freelancers to Tour Guides, Smart Dog
We can be taxi drivers (Uber), hoteliers (Airbnb), bloggers (WordPress), celebrities (social networks), headhunters (LinkedIn and lately, social recruiting sites like Wantedly from Japan) and, with Freelancer, the global outsourcing marketplace …
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Get a free gig from Fiverr
And you're promoting this crap, why? It's easy for you to push this kind of stuff and "feel kinda bad about it" because you're getting a steady gig for Cnet. The rest of the freelance world is often not as lucky. You really shouldn't be pushing this …
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