How cards are taking over Web design

How cards are taking over Web design
The best definition of container design itself comes from The Guardian newspaper, which applies this layout style to their website. As described in their excellent piece on the site redesign, a container (as you'll see below) is essentially a category …
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Visualizing The Color Palettes Of The Web's Most Beautiful Websites
Since 2009, Awwwards has been handing out accolades to what it considers the best designed sites of the web. Over the last six years, it has built an extensive database of websites with beautiful pixels, so it was relatively easy for developer Matt …
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TopSEOs rates Techmagnate second amongst country's best design firms
These web design projects come fast on the heels of Google's penalty for sites that aren't built to be responsive. “We've constantly been observing a collaborative push towards a streamlined and efficient user experience from the industry over the past …
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