No takers yet on downtown redevelopment plan

No takers yet on downtown redevelopment plan
The land would support about 20,000 square feet of development. It's a good-size property in the heart of downtown Eagle Point. We want to see it put to good use." On the web: Buffy Pollock is a …
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The Best Cities For Freelancers
The top city is a spot you'd associate more with retirees than with freelance TV producers, web developers or writers: Scottsdale, AZ, where the sun shines 300 days a year and there are some 50 golf courses. But according to data NerdWallet pulled from …
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The High Cost of Higher Education
But getting your child into the best possible school raises another interesting question: How do we know that the higher tuition prices at "better" institutions equal a better education and career outlook? To answer this, a few layers need to be peeled …
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