At a Glance

At a Glance
When I worked as a web designer, I'd daydream about a program that would eliminate the hassles of coding by hand. I longed to draw … And while it's easy to find plenty of free, open-source, web-ready fonts online, Macaw won't let you add them to its …
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Google's Free Website Builder Makes It Dead Simple To Implement Material
But while Google offers tools for any Android developer to build an app that adheres to Material Design standards, what if you just want to make a snazzy, Material Design website? … Android smartphones from an interaction standpoint—it unites …
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From shoot-'em-up to serious, video games and designers evolve
“I do a lot of graphic design, art work, and I work a lot on games, but I kind of wanted to get into web design,” she said. “It's all very transferable.” The Colden … ArtGames 2.0 is available for download free at the Apple App store. Thirty people …
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