Apple Watch is "underwhelming" say designers – Dezeen

Apple Watch is "underwhelming" say designers – Dezeen
Bill Kingston of Den Creative, a London web design company that does a lot of work for Dezeen, also bought an Apple Watch recently and was wearing it in a recent Skype call with us. "It's a bit underwhelming," Kingston said when we asked him about it.
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Unity of form and function: Invention/ Design at the Musée des Arts et Métiers
From ball bearings to the Alérion wood bicycle, from Papin's pressure cooker to the web-enabled updated one by SEB, from the propeller to Dyson's bladeless ventilation fan, the history of industrial technology and its many inventors and designers is a …
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The City of London's new tallest tower, for a short time –
It will be the tallest tower in the City — at least for a while. The plans for 22 Bishopsgate, a 62 storey, 278m-high tower are being submitted for planning on Friday. With a viewing deck higher than the Shard's, 32 acres of office floors …
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