Should you worry about someone hacking your car ?

Should you worry about someone hacking your car ?
But let's not panic, at least not over here, and not yet. Australian cars aren't vulnerable to this particular remote hack because the uConnect system in Aussie vehicles does not connect to the Internet, and therefore cannot be remotely hacked and …
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Now this is what we call hot-desking
It is part of a trend that sees more and more jobs becoming portable, possible to do at a digital distance – not just web designers and freelance writers but fashion designers, models, photographers, marketers and even a remote-working GP. … Bali …
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Brick-laying robot can build a full-sized house in two days
Dave is a freelance technology journalist who has been writing about apps, gadgets and the Web for more than a decade. He lives in Manchester, UK, and when he's not tapping out words on a keyboard he can often be found watching dark and brooding …
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