GO INSIDE: Sunset Magazine's 2015 idea home in Denver

GO INSIDE: Sunset Magazine's 2015 idea home in Denver
For 17 years, Sunset Magazine's editors have been renovating homes in the west to help readers get ideas. This year's home is in Denver's hilltop neighborhood where Sunset Magazine and its design team have taken a 1954 bungalow, popped the top, …
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Microsoft's New App Is PowerPoint for People Who Hate PowerPoint
If the idea of formatting a PowerPoint fills you with dread, then you might want to consider downloading Sway, a new presentation app from Microsoft out Wednesday. Rather than overwhelm users with nitpicky formatting options, Sway sits between the user …
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#ilooklikeanengineer wants to challenge your ideas about who can work in tech
But growing up, the only child of a single mother, a teacher, she had already taught herself to build Web sites by the time she was 8, by right-clicking ” 'view source' on Neopets and reverse-engineering bits of code to figure out what each individual …
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