Compare Website Design Prices

Compare Website Design Prices

Around the UK there are tens of thousands of website designers offering websites ranging from basic template sites for a couple of hundred pounds, to complex bespoke websites that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Website designers in the UK range from backroom students that have finished school/university up to top London website studios that work on global brands – with everything in between.

Finding the right website designer can be a problem, as there are so many thousands to choose from, how do you find a good one at a good price?

This is a problem that many businesses face, as more and more designers start up and more companies from overseas start marketing into the UK offering cheap website design packages.

Some simple advice in finding a good solution would be as follows:

1/ Know what you want.

Websites range in size so knowing what you need and want is important in getting the right website designer at the right price. There are basically 3 different sorts of websites available: template websites, CMS websites and e-commerce websites. Template websites are budget sites with 3-4 pages. CMS websites are middle of the road to complex websites. E-commerce websites are sites that can take on-line payments (like shopping websites).

2/ Have a budget in mind.

There is no industry standard when it comes to website design – so if you have a price in mind that you want to spend – this will help in selecting the best designer for the job.

3/ Work with someone local.

If you work with a local website designer you can get a feel for the kind of service they can provide by visiting their offices. Are they a student working from their bedroom or an overseas agency – this can be determined by meeting with them. Also, in a face to face meeting, you can communicate better what it is that you are after – and they can get a better understanding.

4/ Compare prices.

All website designers charge differently; there is no industry standard for website design each designer sets his own cost (based on their overheads, how big their car is, how many staff they have and what they can get away with). Some designers can design a site for a few hundred pounds, but charge thousands – if they can get away with it.

It is always advised to compare website designers to get the best package at the best price:

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