Dubai Job Opportunities

At any stage of your career, working in Dubai can provide fast track job experience that would be difficult to match in any other location.

Michael Campbell is a 26 year old journalist working in Dubai. Originally from New Zealand he was recruited straight from college.

He says it was too good an opportunity to miss. “I was keen to get out of New Zealand to gain some international experience and exposure. I had previously considered Dubai as an option because I did not know too much about it and what I did know sounded quite exotic. So when the opportunity came up, I went for it. Oh yeah and there is no income tax here, that probably influenced my decision a little”

Dubai Job Opportunities
Dubai Job Opportunities

Michael firmly believes that working in Dubai will give him a head start in his career. “The opportunity Dubai offers is like none other. Because it is still a developing economy, in the middle of a boom, there are not enough people to fill the jobs. People with little experience can come to Dubai and walk straight into a job that would normally require a lot more experience. That’s not saying standards aren’t high, they are: it’s very cut throat. If you don’t perform you’ll soon know about it but I think people here are given more of a chance to prove themselves. It is commonly known in many industries that experience in Dubai is worth double what it is anywhere else” Again like almost everybody else working in Dubai Michael cites the lifestyle as one of the best things about the place.

So would he recommend Dubai as somewhere to live and work? “Definitely, it’s exciting, exotic and new”

26 year old Sarah Doran is a structural engineer. She says she fell in love with Dubai while on secondment and did not want to return home. “The company I worked for in Dublin transferred me out here for a short three month secondment – I loved it from the minute I arrived and desperately wanted to stay. So then my company moved me full time to here. I wanted to stay because I had made such great friends and the weather is fab.”

Sarah admits the lifestyle and the weather are big pluses when you live in Dubai. “I love the weekends because you are guaranteed nice weather and a great time. That makes the week in work fly. There seems to be less pressure living away from home. There is a great social life out here and I learned how to dive last year which has been fun”

For most ex-pats the fact that you don’t pay tax is a big bonus with Dubai jobs and Sarah is no different. “Not paying tax has helped me save but I do pay more for accommodation than I would at home” She comments.

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